Business Compass in Turkey

Dear Friends,

Dear Press Members,

I say hello to all of the participants in the name of  Business Compass  Co., Inc.

We keep on continuing to our efforts and endeavors in order to carry our country to the top of Europe and world with the efficient and strong cadres of our company to attract international investments to our country.

Every investment which shall come to our country means a growth in employment and a strong economy.  In this respect,  we have to embrace the entire world and should render best service to the investors in abroad.

It is essential that preferring direct investments instead of short term portfolio investments shall lead to more favorable results for the economic growth of our country. In this connection, guiding the investments for direct investments and directing them to the alternative which is more favorable for us, that is to say, to lead them to direct investments is doubtlessly of crucial importance. The reason why we are involved in this business is directly related with this critical issue and to contribute to economic growth shall stimulate the market and shall increase employment.

Thanks to the grants and incentives which our country offers to foreign investors, they are interested with our country. The existing tax exemptions and that our state’s policy to offer same opportunities to both domestic and foreign investors without differentiating  among them raise our country to the leader countries in attracting investments.

As Business Compass Co., Inc. we offer substantial consultancy and guiding services to the investors. By this way, these investors introduce our country in their home countries and tell about Turkey which is a rising star in their countries.

As Business Compass Co., Inc., we offer investment services including IPARD project consultancy,

Investment Consultancy, Loan Consultancy, Grant Consultancy, Education and Training Consultancy, Foreign Trade Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Privatization Consultancy, Company Establishment, Visa Services, and etc. services. Thereby we introduce the values of Turkey to the entire world.

Those who want to register their companies in Turkey, reach to us. We perform the feasibility works in order to establish their companies in Turkey meticulously and carefully. The tell them about the incentive and tax conditions of our country about what and how to invest in Turkey. Thereby we offer our supports to the arriving foreigners even before having travelled to Turkey. And when they arrive to our country,  we efficiently direct and guide them by knowing the importance of the services we offer.

In the periods ahead of us, we shall establishing contact with the other group firms which gain foreign exchange currency and prestige to their countries that are currently active in the same line of business with that of us in the other developing countries.

We thank you and submit our best regards.

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